Secondary School

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Years 7-10)

We acknowledge that every child is an individual with their own unique gifts and talents and the early years of high school often determine their future direction.

By providing a well-rounded curriculum, our Middle Year students are able to discover their own personal interests and develop to their full potential. We want them to have the skills and motivation to become life-long learners.

Our aim is to equip each student with the tools and focus they will later need to excel during their upcoming senior school years.

During these middle years, your child will also participate in the following programs:

Invictus Wellbeing Program.

The research is clear – students are happier and healthier when they are more connected with the great outdoors – even when, at first, they think they won’t be! Their health improves; their self-esteem grows as they succeed in meeting new challenges; social skills are enhanced; and academic results generally improve.

The Invictus program is designed to equip students with a skill set that allows them to maintain a sense of positive wellbeing in the face of life’s challenges. The program is built upon a strong theoretical framework, which takes advantage of Dr Martin Seligman’s seminal work in positive psychology by engaging students in a four-stage journey towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. It combines outdoor education, skill mastery, soft skill acquisition and service learning to encourage participants to develop the type of outlook that enables them to live lives defined by self-confidence, curiosity, empathy, and compassion. The program is built around four elements: Network, Master, Journey and Service – each thoughtfully created to cover a wide range of issues and build the global competencies of the future. During each element, students are invited to take part in a significant memory event that epitomises the life lessons learnt in the corresponding segment of the curriculum. Students will engage in Invictus for one lesson each week.

Year 7 – Network: This element focuses on the importance of reliable, meaningful, and constructive relationships, and what it takes to maintain them. This element is about knowing how to surround yourself with, as well as be a positive influence.

Year 8 – Master: This element recognises the importance of curiosity and the satisfaction that comes from being a life-long learner. It’s about dedication and coping with failure. Mostly though, its about discovering the unique joy found in learning new things.

Year 9 – Journey: This element recognises the importance of planning, preparation and flexibility. Its about building self-reliance and efficacy. It’s about learning to make good decisions so that we can get the most out of the adventures that come our way. This element will include overnight camping and bushwalking/canoeing expeditions.

Year 10 – Serve: This element recognises the difference between child and adult behaviour. It’s about looping up and out, then having the courage to reach in that direction. It’s about envisioning a better world and taking the steps to usher it in. This element will include an overnight camp.

Secondary School Agriculture

This program teaches students organic horticulture practices. Students develop skills that enable them to prepare and tend their own gardens both at school and home. They are also given the chance to compete in local agricultural festivals and shows.


Stormco (Service To Others Really Matters) help to promote a heart for service in our students.

Our annual STORMCO trip to Duaringa in central Queensland is open to students who have a desire to serve in rural communities. Duaringa is a significant centre for Aboriginal peoples and there is a former reservation at nearby Woorabinda.

During their week-long visit students run daily Kids Club activities for the local children and undertake maintenance and cleaning of public spaces such as playgrounds, tennis courts and parks. They come home tired but proud and with hearts filled with love and a greater desire to serve.

SENIOR SCHOOL (Years 11-12)

Our senior curriculum offers a wide range of subjects and activities. This variety provides each student with the flexibility to best prepare for their unique future, whether this be further studies or the work force. All our seniors are offered multiple pathways with ATAR subjects as well as opportunities for training in the workplace through vocational training providers.

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