Yr 9 Heads Bush

Year 9 were trail blazers when they set off on their trip in August to Western Queensland. For the first time Year 9 Camp was extended to match the timing of the Year 10 Camp as we wanted to explore the outback and the best time to do that is not in March when the Year 9 Camp has been traditionally. Nights were cold but days were warm and sunny, and it was lovely to strip off winter layers each day.

Visits to some of the Outback icons such as Stockman’s Hall of Fame, QANTAS Founders Museum, School of the Air, Waltzing Matilda Centre and many more such stops made it a very interesting trip. There were surprises along the way and one of the highlights was when some of our students helped a bush poet tell his story-in-verse around the campfire one night.

There was a lot of travelling and while the teachers feared that would be the toughest part it appears that the students actually enjoyed that part of the trip as much as the sightseeing! On their return, they poured off the bus tired but clearly very pleased with themselves.

Special thanks to the trailblazing teachers – Mr Rinsma who drove thousands of kilometres without a hitch; Mrs Sandy who kept us well fed; and Miss Krauss who helped to keep the peace. Special thanks also to Mrs Wilkins who spent a lot of time making bookings for us.