Year 9/10 HOPE

COVID-19 has meant HOPE classes have not been able to visit residents at BUPA on McDougall Street. This has been our practice for several years now and our students are hugely appreciated, and their visits greatly anticipated. Students from the first trimester of HOPE were writing to residents as a substitute but students in the second trimester are still waiting to receive names of folks to whom they can write.

In the meantime, we have found ways to provide service to our own school community. The Kitchen Garden has had a good workover for weeds in the last couple of weeks and we are helping with watering and a few heavy jobs that needed to be done. We are committed to helping in the Kitchen Garden for the rest of the semester and doing other jobs as they come our way.

Some students also did an ‘emu parade’ across the whole campus last week and were pleasantly surprised at how little rubbish they could find. One student exclaimed: “Our school is so clean!!”

Staff are very impressed by the way the students have thrown themselves into their service activities and made a real difference to the school community in just a few weeks. The students certainly have a tick of approval from Mrs Gray, the Kitchen Garden teacher, and they are demonstrating the service ethos which is an important part of our holistic HOPE program.

Ramsay Edit
Removing the last of a dead rosemary bush
Girls With Weeds
Clearing weeds from a pathway in Kitchen Garden
Boys New
Cleaning up an old vegetable bed
Girls New
Battling some more stubborn weeds