Year 8 Gold Coast Hinterland Camp

Year 8 camp 2021 was a fun and enjoyable time. It was a great experience to bond with each other. We stayed at Bornhoffen PCYC. While at camp we got to experience a high ropes course, creek walking, visiting the Natural Bridge, the glow worm cave and we went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. My favourite activity that we did on camp was going to the Natural Bridge and seeing all the glow worms. It was so cool to see how water had created a hole in the rocks and over time had made it bigger. After going into the caves to see all the glow worms, we went the top of the waterfall and saw where the water had started. Even when we were walking back to the bus there were glow worms along the way. We had an exciting and thrilling time.

Sophie Gray

Year 8 camp was a very good learning experience and bonding one as well. I learned many things about my peers. Some highlights were creaking which was very funny as everyone kept falling into drop offs in the creak. Another highlight would be Remy getting taken by the current and Dorian having to go chase after him (which happened many times in the creak). Manny losing his voice from singing too much was also very funny. High ropes also were great as lots of trust was built between me and my peers. The Camp was an overall great experience!!!

Mabur Mabur