Year 4/5 Camp : 19-21 Feb

Year 4/5 students were excited to board the bus on February 19 and start the journey to Somerset Dam for their three day camp. Once there, they joined with students from two other schools: Ipswich Adventist School and Gold Coast Christian College. It was great to see students meet up with old friends and make new friends. What a blessing to have Pastor Jeanine run awesome worships every morning and evening. Students learned about the children of Israel and each group was given one of the tribes of Israel as a name. Students also participated in a range of activities such as canoeing, pool pontoon, low ropes, Burma Trail, camp cooking, archery and the Koala Climb. Everyone had a great time - challenging themselves, learning more about God and making new friends.

Camps are not only lots of fun but provide many personal growth and educational opportunities away from the classroom setting. They add another dimension to learning and promote the positive social/emotional development of our students which is a very important focus at DDCS.

"We had fun at camp!"