Who is 'WOH Bear'?

Week of Health has become an annual event at our school - it is a week dedicated to not only our physical health, but our mental and spiritual health as well. Staff and students were challenged during this week to support each other through encouragement, spending time outdoors, connecting more with family during devotional time at home and engaging in a number of physical activities throughout the day. One of the favourite activities was looking for our new mascot named "WOH Bear", who was found hiding in different locations around the school.

This year the theme was: "We are super when we are at our optimal health', with a particular focus for each day. All families received a program booklet that had healthy lunchbox recipes, family devotions to do at home and other interesting facts to read about health. A big thank you to our Chaplain Pr J for her time and creativity. The week was a great success and we look forward to celebrating our health again next year!

"We are SUPER when we are at our OPTIMAL HEALTH"