Book Prizes for Book Week Competitions

As a fun way of encouraging and promoting reading during Book Week, each of our primary teachers selected their favourite picture book. Over the course of the week the books were circulated so each teacher read a different favourite to their class each day. As well as the joy of sharing and discussing the stories, students were encouraged to visit the library at lunchtime and see if they could answer a question from each of the books. Lots of students participated and many were able to recall the stories in great detail. Two random names (who had the correct answers) were drawn from each of the five competition boxes. Congratulation to the following ten students who were able to choose a new book as their prize:

  • We Love You Hugless Douglas (Mrs Green's favourite):
    Where did Douglas and Flossie find little sheep? BAA BAA BUSH
    Isaac (Yr 3) and Isabella (Yr 6)
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Mrs McKay's favourite):
    What day did the very hungry caterpillar eat four strawberries? THURSDAY
    Akeer (Yr 2) and Willow (Yr 4)
  • Yes We Can (Mrs Bellette's favourite):
    What were Roo, Country Mouse and Quaker Duck tryng to build before they stopped for a rest? A LEAF MOUNTAIN
    Lucy (Yr 6) and Rochelle (Yr 3)
  • The Boy and the Ocean (Mrs Cheung's favourite):
    What did the little boy's mother tell him God's love was like? THE OCEAN
    Asher (Yr 5) and Thor (Yr 4)
  • Pig the Pug (Miss Litster's favourite):
    What is the name of the dog Pug lives with? TREVOR
    Macie (Yr 2) and Piok (Prep)

Thanks to everyone for making Book Week 2020 memorable and don't forget to ... KEEP READING!

    Old favourites and new books to enjoy!