New Senior Building Updates

October update

We’re out of the ground and works are progressing very well. Lots to see since the last update, check out the photos.

Progress on site includes:

  • Pad footings to walkways completed after rock excavated, at one stage we thought we had a mini quarry!
  • Ground floor slab poured in two portions
  • Block work commenced
  • Cages to columns progressing
  • Form work to first floor slab underway
  • Electrical and communication services installed underground
  • Concrete to car park poured

Acknowledgement and credit due to our builder, Northbuild Construction Qld Pty Ltd and Burling Brown Architects, a pleasure dealing with these professional teams.

September update

Building works are progressing well. It is certainly amazing to see the amount of work involved with all of the sub-structure and underground works that you never see once the slab is poured.

On Tuesday, 10 September, we had our fortnightly site meeting, attended by representatives from Northbuild, Burling Brown Architects, Scott Hopkins (CFO – SDA Head Office), Adrian Fitzpatrick (Principal) and David Peers (Business manager).

Progress on site includes:
  • Drilling rig continuing bored piers on site - bored piers to building sub-structure have been completed and bored piers to walkways continuing
  • Stormwater and sewer have been finalized
  • Ground beams and footings well under way
  • Plumber completing the installation of under slab services
  • New carpark works commenced with cutting and filling to new levels

Enjoy these photos since the last update.

August update

Believe it or not we’re one month into the project! The past couple of weeks have seen further excavation and platform works, the extension of the fire trail with two new hydrants, installation of bored piers which when complete will total 93 for the building footprint, and excavation & installation of sanitary drainage and storm water piping.

July update

Our new Senior Building is underway. Northbuild, a local building contractor, is the successful tenderer and the project time frame is 7-8 months with completion planned for early in 2020. Over the last couple of weeks, the site fencing has been erected and the area cleared. This has been followed by the cutting of the natural ground to platform height.