New Flag Flying High at DDCS

Dr John McVeigh, Federal Member for Groom made a special appearance at our Primary Assembly on Monday, November 4, to present our primary leaders, Maeli Feaveai and Isaac Hope, with a new Australian Flag for the school. Our flagpole is prominently situated in our school grounds and for many years it has been the role of our primary leaders to raise and lower the flag each day. Dr McVeigh requested the opportunity to personally present the new flag so he could talk to students about the importance of our national flag and the pride and respect we should have for it.

Following the flag presentation, students were also honoured to have Dr McVeigh present our Weekly ‘You Can Do It’ Awards acknowledging those students who have displayed positive habits of the mind such as Organisation, Resilience, Getting Along, Confidence and Persistence.

We thank Dr McVeigh for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit our school and we hope primary students will be reminded of his words as they see our new flag flying high!