Never too old for school!

More than 40 grandparents joined in classroom activities with their grandchildren on the morning of 23 October. DDCS teachers thought it would be a great way to celebrate Toowoomba’s Family Week by inviting grandparents to visit -and it was also World Grandparents Day on Sunday 27 October. The students were very excited to have grandparents sharing their classwork and other activities with them and the joy on all faces was plain to see. Grandparents were also invited to a lovely morning tea after the classroom visits and no doubt they compared notes about the joys and challenges of grandparenting! One grandparent discovered she had taught one of the other grandparents many years before so that was an extra surprise for both of them! Some grandparents even took up the offer to stay on into lunchtime to join in some outdoor play. We say a huge thank you to all the wonderful grandparents who were able to make it such a special day for so many of our students. Grandparents, we hope you know that you are so very important to our community!