Famous Four in the Kitchen Garden

Our Year 5 students were inspired to write a poem about their time in the Kitchen Garden recently (while the grade six's were away!). The following poem was written by Ezri Strong, Rutendo Mutizigwa, Kaylee Smith and Moriah Feaveai

The Famous 4 at Kitchen Garden

Because of today
The Grade six’s were away
It was just us Grade Five’s
Who were there to play!

We got up there
We planted shallots
We dug the manure
And put it in pots.

When we were finished
We went to the shed
Where the chickens were kept
And we watched them get fed.

Before we left we went to the garden bed
We planted sweet corn, which was yellow and red
Then we said ‘goodbye’ and walked through the grass
And then finally went down to Mrs Munro’s class.