Kindy News

On Tuesday February 18, the Kindergarten students, accompanied by their teacher Mrs Sonter and teacher aide Mrs Jull, visited the Library for the first time. Brooke and Matilda lead the way, past the Office and down the path to the Library. When they arrived, the children used their quiet Library voices and said "Good Morning" to Mrs Willson. They listened attentively while Mrs Willson explained how each book has a special place in the library and they could be her helpers by making sure they put their books back in the right place. So, they were each given their own special "shelfmarker" to decorate and use each week when they visit the library. Then the children each chose a book to take back to their Kindy room.

Here are some comments the children made about their visit:

Xander – "I liked getting books."

Chloe – "I got my book."

Mach – "I drew my name."

Brooke – "I was the leader."

Matilda – "I held Brooke's hand."

Jedaniyah – "I was getting a book."

Shhh ... just quietly, they really enjoyed their visit and so did Mrs Willson!