Exciting news regarding New Senior Building

The last couple of months have seen plenty of involvement with planning, quoting and purchasing various furniture, equipment & infrastructure and following through on minor defects.

This has included:

  • Quoting & procuring furniture & fittings for both students and teachers
  • Designing fit out of offices for staff & administration
  • Planning with Head Office regards ICT infrastructure & associated systems, procuring & installing same
  • Researching & procuring new phone system
  • Researching shelving options and procuring & installing for storage room
  • Quoting & procuring new lockers
  • Quoting & procuring new external tables & seating
  • Re-designing evacuation charts & diagrams
  • Designing & procuring signage for rooms
  • Quoting & procuring new electrical equipment
  • Re-configure key system throughout campus
  • Landscaping planning & designing of the area adjoining new covered walkways
  • Monitor & manage subcontractors re- closing out minor defects
  • Advertising sale & removal of old demountable buildings being replaced by New Senior Building. Contract signed this week, Tuesday, 16 June

I’m pleased to announce that we plan to occupy the new building at the start of Term 3! I know students and staff are looking forward to this reality.

Stay tuned for the official opening date.

Mr David Peers (Business Manager)