Chaplain "In Tune" with Primary Students

Our amazing Chaplain, Pr J (Jeanine Sandy) started filming "Worships with Pr. J" for the primary students during the recent COVID-19 isolation. She wanted to be able to reach out and stay connected with students and families while continuing to share God with the school community. Pr J's idea was "to show students how to find 'God' lessons in everyday objects". What does a plug have to do with Jesus? How can a box of crayons explain why God has made us all different? The format was simple - an engaging talk followed by a catchy action song with her trusty ukulele and a short prayer. The result was a hit with students.

  • "I love them - they are fun and colourful." Noah Whitty (Year 1)
  • "I like the action songs." Jack Gray (Year 1)
  • "I really like the worships ... especially the songs." Claire Mailman (Year 3)
  • "My favourite one was about the glue and the message of how we can stick with God." Thor Hughes (Year 4)

Even though students are back at school now, everyone has enjoyed the short presentations so much that Pr J has decided to continue them ... and we all say "YAY, PR J!".

Future episodes can be viewed on youtube channel: Jeanine Bougaardt