Book Week with a Difference

Even though the official celebration of Book Week was postponed due to COVID, we held our Book Week as scheduled from August 17-21. However it was a little different to usual. There was no Dress-up Day/Parade. Instead, in keeping with the theme, students were challenged to use their 'wild minds' or imagination to make a 'curious creature' during their class library time. They were given 30 minutes and a variety of craft materials to choose from. They had to think of a name for their creature and note a particular characteristic. The finished creations were anonymously displayed in their classrooms for judging ... which proved a very difficult task as there were some extremely creative creatures!

Ready, Set ... GO!

Congratulations to the following students who were selected:

  • Prep/Year 1 Class:
    1st - Candice for her creature: Zebra Feather
    2nd - Isaiah for his creature: Rhinohedgehogarmodillo Elephant
  • Year 1/2 Class:
    1st - Andjelia for her creature: Fox
    2nd - Nevaeh for her creature: Lady Monkey
  • Year 3/4 Class:
    1st - Rochelle for her creature: The Rainbow Feathered Bird
    2nd - Sam for his creature: Bider
  • Year 4/5 Class
    1st - Willow for her creature: Spike Raft
    2nd - Ahou for her creature: Britney the Bee
  • Year 6 Class
    1st - Emily for her creature: Rainbow
    2nd - Hazel for her creature: Cake

They each had the opportunity to choose a book as their prize. Happy reading!!

Winners with their creations and prizes!