It was Aussie, Aussie, Aussie at Bookweek

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Bush Picnic

On Monday, most of our of primary students remembered to bring something Australian (and their lunch) for the Aussie Bush Picnic outside the library. It was a beautiful day.


On Wednesday, all primary students and staff gathered in the Chapel for a shared time of individual reading. It was a very positive experience for everybody involved.

Dress-Up Day

The dress-up costumes on Friday were absolutely amazing and every student who participated was a winner. Mrs Sonter particularly commended the Year 6 students for the wonderful example they modelled to the younger students. Judging, as always, was a very difficult task. However, the following students were acknowledged with book prizes:

PREP: 1st Billy - Redback Spider
2nd Jade - Great Barrier Reef
H.C. Jurius - Stockman

YR 1: 1st Joshua - Nemo
2nd Olly - Big Red Tractor
H.C. Jonathon - Captain Cook
H.C. Bill - Bush Ranger

YR 2: 1st Elliot - Frillnecked Lizard
2nd Mac - Burt Hinkler
H.C. River - Gumnut Fairy

YR 3: 1st Annie - Lamington
2nd Maya - Snugglepot

YR 4: 1st Shanze - Fairy Bread
2nd Ty - Crocodile Dundee
Noah - Great Barrier Reef

YR 5: 1st Jesse - Cricketer Dave Warner
2nd Ezri - Bindi Irwin
Kaylee - Australian girl from History
H.C. Moriah - Gum Tree

YR 6: 1st Halie - Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
2nd Daniel - Crocodile Dundee
H.C. Nadia - Stockman