Book Week 19 - 23 August

Primary classes launched Book Week with a focus on the five 'W' questions good reading detectives ask: Who, What, Where, When, Why. Students were encouraged to come to the library at lunchtime and write these words on an entry form to go into the draw for a book prize. The winner from each class was able to choose a book prize. There were also other detective-themed activities in the library at lunchtime including a Decoding the Mystery Word Competition which had students following a trail of codes using page number, line, number, word number clues to locate ten words. The first letter of each of those words spelled the mystery word which was something you would find in a fiction book - CHARACTERS! Well done to all the students who accepted the challenge and cracked the code. Every word on their entry had to be right so only the best detectives went into the draw with the winner from each class again choosing a book as their prize. On Wednesday, the whole primary school followed the trail to the Chapel where we gathered to read together as a group.

Of course, the finale of Book Week is always the Dress-up day on Friday. This year students could choose to come as ANY book story character but the criteria were authenticity, creativity (with students encouraged to make their own costume and / or accessories) and to have the book the character was from (or a picture). There were some VERY creative ideas and the judges found it VERY difficult to choose a winner and runner-up from each year level. The selected students were able to choose a book prize. Each year, a photo album of Book Week activities is made and stored in the library and students love browsing through these and reminiscing. Book Week 2019 may be over but the memories will live on .... and so will our focus on reading!