Blessings - The Big Move

We have just completed the first week of classes in the new secondary building. Known as "Block G", the facility is a delight for students and staff to work in. We are very excited to have such a wonderful building. It will make such a difference to our program. We are very appreciative of the amazing work of architects "Burling and Brown" and builders "Northbuild". They have delivered an amazing space. We hope that one day soon COVID restrictions will ease to allow us to open the space for our community to view. In the meantime, photos will have to suffice.

Some student reflections:

"I love the big windows and natural light."

"It's easier to focus because it's a large, open space. It's quiet and full of fresh air."

"I think this new building will benefit the school both socially and academically."

"The glass walls and windows really make us feel that the outside comes in."