Arctic Adventure Book Fair

Usually we have our annual Book Fair in May. However, this year it had to be postponed and we were very excited when it was confirmed for October 14-21. In keeping with the Arctic Adventure theme and the catchphrase "Snow much to read", our LRC was decorated with artic animals, snowflakes, a snowman and a very cool igloo (on loan from the Prep/Yr 1 students who made it from recycled milk containers). To build excitement, students could come to the library at lunchtime and enter a colouring-in competition; guess how many snowballs were in the jar on display or decode a snowflake message for the chance to win $5 vouchers to spend at Book Fair. There were also some fun interactive games.

Finally it was time to look and buy. Unfortunately, parents weren't able to attend. However, that didn't dampen enthusiasm. Students made wish lists, and with photos of what was available emailed home, the support from our school community was so amazing that we ended up with our highest sales ever in the history of Book Fairs at DDCS. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this success, both buyers and helpers!

As an incentive, every student who purchased a book was able to write their name on a 'brick' (milk bottle) of the igloo. Students loved doing this and it showed them that, just as every brick helped to build the igloo, every book purchased will help to grow our school library. From our commission, we will now have "snow" many more books to read!

'SNOW' much to read!