Join The Program

To take part in the Arrowsmith Program, each adult or child must be assessed and accepted by the school. These students then work within a specifically designed and run Arrowsmith classroom. For children, a proportion of their time is also spent within their year level classroom at Darling Downs Christian School.

Want to know if you or your child could be a candidate? Simply complete the Suitability Questionnaire.


There are some students for whom this program cannot provide meaningful benefit. Our qualified Arrowsmith teachers carefully consider the learning profiles of each student before he/she is accepted for enrolment.

You can read more about student suitability in the Arrowsmith Brochure.


To make your application, simply download and complete our Arrowsmith Enrolment Application Form and return it to us.


DDCS offers two Arrowsmith Programs, both with their own individual fee structures:

For more information or to find out if you or your child is eligible, please email us at or phone (07) 4659 1111.