Principal's Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Darling Downs Christian School website!

Our vision, “Nurturing the Whole Child”, is the driving force behind everything we do at Darling Downs Christian School. True education means more than pursuing a course of academic study. It has to do with the whole person, and with the total existence possible to human beings.

Author Steven Covey talks about the four “magnificent parts of our nature” – body, mind, heart and spirit – and their corresponding needs: to live, to learn, to love and to leave a legacy. Associated with these four parts are our intelligences - our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacities.

When students respect and integrate all parts of their nature, they are better able to realise their potential. Developing the four intelligences plays an important role in assisting our students to discover their “voice”.

At Darling Downs Christian School we encourage each child to be the best ‘ME’ they can be. We aim to teach our students the skills they need to develop and become happy, confident young people. Young people who are able to seek solutions to problems, form friendships, develop a sense of individual responsibility and find enjoyment in life…to envision what they want to accomplish, to find and use their voice.

A connection with God is used to develop our longing and capacity for meaning, vision and value. The Biblical principles our students are taught provide them with the strength of character and firm foundation they need to later excel in whatever capacity God calls them to serve human needs.

I hope you will enjoy this virtual tour of Darling Downs Christian School and after experiencing this small taste of school life, I know you will be keen to find out more. I would love to personally show you just what makes our school so unique. Please make a booking for a school tour, or an appointment to meet with me personally.

Adrian Fitzpatrick