Our Story

Providing holistic education for more than 75 years

Darling Downs Christian School was established in March, 1942, with a grand total of 17 students – 16 boys and just one girl! Originally, known as the Toowoomba Adventist Primary School, the school was given a blue-print for holistic education by its founders - the South Queensland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

In 1942, the world was in the midst of a terrible war. Two slit trenches dug at the back of the school were to be used in the event of an air raid and regular drills were carried out. The school’s first teacher and principal, Miss Niebuhr, was renowned for never using the cane. Detention was a much stronger deterrent in those days – when boys could lose the pocket money they made from selling newspapers to American soldiers after school.

Moving Forward

Classes continued at the Perth Street campus for the next 14 years. However, in July 1956, the school moved to 135 Hume Street, opposite Queen’s Park, a very central location in Toowoomba. Student numbers steadily increased and in September, 1959, the first Parents and Friends Society was formed to raise funds for the school. In May 1966, two new brick classrooms were completed beside the existing timber classroom. The school’s first Tuckshop also began. On the menu were six different sandwiches, all 20 cents each and two cordials (orange and blackcurrant) at 10 cents a cup.

Time for Change

In 1982, the school moved again, this time to Charnley Street in western Toowoomba. It had taken 41 years of planning and faith, but the school now boasted an impressive campus of classrooms, cooking and instruction areas, a library and eventually a tennis court, adventure playground and playing fields. Hats were added to the uniform for the first time in 1985.

A Rural Outlook

School leaders soon saw the need for a rural campus to help further fulfil the school’s ethos of encouraging holistic education – a place where students could experience nature and learn essential life skills. In January 2001, the school moved to its current location on McDougall Street and the name Darling Downs Christian School was used for the first time. Twelve months later, the first Year 8 class began and the long-awaited dream of providing students with a Prep to Year 12 education was fulfilled. The school has continued to expand its facilities at the new campus, with spacious classrooms, beautiful agricultural gardens and a barn, specialised classrooms and an impressive Learning Resource Centre.

A Bright Future

Looking back over the past 80 years of Darling Downs Christian School history, we are mindful of the hard work and sacrifice of many dedicated teachers and staff at Darling Downs Christian School. We are thankful for the strong support and commitment of parents and volunteers who have created the beautiful campus and nurturing community we now enjoy All of these people have been inspired by our vision to provide a Christian education which nurtures and develops every facet of every child. We are excited as we prayerfully look to the future of this beautiful school that God has so graciously given us.

We invite you to join us on the next stage of our unfolding history